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How to Implement Custom Floor & Sidewalk Graphics in San Ramon

Does your advertising stop customers in their tracks? It’ should! And that’s why you should consider trying out high quality custom floor and sidewalk graphics to support your other advertising. Floor graphics don’t only boast an attention-grabbing position (literally...

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What You Need to Know About ADA Signs

The requirements that define ADA signage came about a direct result of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), an important and groundbreaking piece of legislation signed into law in July, 1990, with enforcement of the law beginning in July, 1991. In general, the...

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Make a Statement: Consider a Monument Sign for Your Business

Have you been thinking about commissioning a monument sign for your business? Something classic, substantial, and attractive? Sounds great! Monument signs are a sophisticated and high class choice for countless businesses and offer a huge amount of potential when used...

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Why You Should Consider Window Graphics

Once upon a time your average storefront window graphic was literally painted in place, a lengthy process undertaken by a shopkeeper who knew that eventually he or she would need to scrape the paint back off with a putty knife, careful not to damage the glass...

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5 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Custom Trade Show Signs

Trade shows, conferences, conventions, and other industry events can all be important opportunities for businesses of any size looking to make important connections, introduce new products, and generate momentum. With so much riding on these frantic calendar days,...

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Commercial Vehicle Wrap in Walnut Creek for Absolute Plumbing

At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we love vehicle wraps! In particular, we love the combined beauty and functionality of commercial wraps. We see so many commercial trucks on the road that are just white- more often, dirty white. What a waste of advertising space!!! Study after study has shown that a quality commercial wrap can be one of the most cost effective forms of marketing.

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Wall Graphics For Business Interiors

A blank canvas is an exciting gateway to an endless world of artistic possibilities. The same goes for a blank wall in your office or front windows. That’s why you need to take a look at the outstanding custom wall graphics available from Sequoia Signs & Graphics,...

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A Guide to Banners: Materials, Shapes & Sizes

Modern trade show and event banners come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some main categories to discuss to help buyers narrow down their options. Common Banner Materials Vinyl Vinyl signs and banners have long been the first...

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5 Locations Inside Your Business Where You Should Have Signs

Great business signs aren’t only for outside your business. They also belong indoors, where they can have a huge impact on your overall business strategy and foot traffic. These locations and signs include: 1. The Lobby Lobby signs are absolutely essential for most...

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Can a Vehicle Wrap Increase Your Business?

We’ve all seen them out in the wild. Standard model vehicles dressed up in brightly colored patterns and graphics, advertising to drivers and pedestrians alike as the employees inside go about their daily tasks. And that leads a great many business owners to wonder if...

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The Ultimate Guide to Great Business Sign Design

Missing signage in retail represents a wasted opportunity. Bad signage represents a costly and easily avoidable mistake. With so much riding on how your company approaches and communicates with your customers through signs, logos, and banners, it’s important that you...

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Why Your Small Business Needs a Great Storefront Sign

In the digital age it can be easy for small businesses to forget the basics, like just how important a good old fashioned storefront sign can be. But no matter how many of your customers are glued to their smartphones or how much of your business has moved online, the...

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7 Questions To Ask Your Custom Business Sign Maker

Ordering a sign for your business is a huge step, and one that should be handled by an expert sign maker who’s up to the challenge. So, before you place your order, ask your chosen sign service the following 7 questions: 1. Can I See Your Portfolio? Different custom...

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Top 5 Ways to Explain Your Vehicle Wrap To Your Daughter

Ok, so you’ve just gone out and wrapped your work vehicle. Maybe it was a truck, a van, box truck- and you love it! I am sure you do- that’s because you took the time to work with a designer on an eye-catching design. You also talked with your sign maker about the different vinyl that are available and selected the best option for you. Great. Life is good.

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