ADA Compliant Signs are an important part of the sign project for Multi-Family Housing. ADA stands for American with Disabilities Act, which was implemented in 1990. For new construction & developments this means that all signs need to be ADA Compliant. It’s important to follow the California compliance, which is more strict then Federal Compliance.

In this post we will focus mainly on ADA Room Signs, which include room number signs, for every individual unit. Furthermore Restroom Signs, Fire Exit Signs, Elevator & Staircase Signs and all other rooms like offices or storage rooms, all need to be ADA Compliant.

Let’s have a more detailed look on what makes a sign ADA compliant and how to pass your ADA Inspection Test.


ADA Compliant Signs - Sequoia Signs East BayBraille

Signage indicating permanent rooms, must have braille. All braille on the sign must be Grade 2 braille. The braille should be a direct translation of the sign and must be placed directly under the copy. For multiple lines of text, the braille shall be located below the entire text.


The sign copy must be in tactile and has a few requirements in terms of size. The minimum text copy must be 5/8” and the maximum 2”.  Furthermore the tactile must be raised a minimum of 1/32”.


Two of the most important aspects related to the text copy is the font to be sans serif and all in caps. Furthermore the font must not be italic, script, bold or decorative in any way.


In order for your Multi-Family Housing ADA signs to be compliant they must have a non-glare or  matte finishing. Moreover textures must be kept to a minimum as to not affect legibility. Since the signs are intended to be read by touch they cannot have any sharp or abrasive edges. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we have several material options that are compliant.


Your ADA signs must have contrasting colors, meaning contrast between the text copy and the background. There must be a minimum of 70% contrasting colors. The easiest way to achieve this is by having a light colored background and dark colored copy or visa versa.

ADA Sign Installation -- Sequoia Signs East Bay


An ADA compliant sign alone does not make you pass your inspection and therefore the installation guidelines are important. Below the installation guidelines in short:

  • Baseline of the lowest character must be above 48”off the finished floor and the baseline of the highest character must not extend 60” above the finish floor.
  • Signs may not protrude more then 4” from the wall
  • Flag mounted signs must be installed at a minimum of 80” above the finished floor.
  • Tactile signs shall be installed at the latch side of the door and to the right of double doors.
  • There must be a clear floor space of 18”x 18” minimum, centered on the tactile characters. This space should not be intersected by the arc of any door swing.

Due to our designers expertise, At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we will be able to follow all these guidelines and still be able to design an attractive sign from a visual perspective. Some of the above requirements seem very technical and that’s where our sign experts come into place. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we will make sure to design all your signs to be ADA Compliant, followed by the proper installation guidelines to pass your inspection.

Feel free to contact us today for a free consultation or quote for all your ADA signage needs at your Multi-Family Housing project or any other public building. You can call us at (925) 300-1066 or email to

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