When we tell people our company specializes in architectural signage, we almost always get the same response: “What is architectural signage?”

The answer, while simple in many ways, is almost as complicated as our friends and clients imagine!

Architectural signage can come in a myriad of shapes and forms.  At its core, it is a wayfinding system that directs individuals, crowds, or vehicles through a given complex or structure.  Ideally it will fit in well with the surrounding and provide an aesthetically pleasing effect which enhances the surrounding architecture.  Architectural signage is seen on almost any big campus or office complex, but it can also be included in smaller jobs to add just the right touch of class and lift even a small project above its peers.

For developers, architectural signage is often one of the more important aspects of a project even if it is relatively low on the cost structure relative to the entire job.  Signs are seen by almost everyone entering a building, campus or complex and whether or not they consciously note the signage, it is a big factor in the impressions they leave with. A great wayfinding system will fit in with the environment, meet all required codes and truthfully impress visitors to the area.

At Sequoia Signs, we believe in visual branding that goes beyond displaying your logo.  This means your marketing efforts don’t stop with advertisements or a digital ad campaign. Your clients will be visiting your building and they will notice a well-planned business sign system even if it is not tied directly to you.  The same goes for an elegant interior wayfinding plan. Sometimes these will involve your logo and branding, other times it is just the high-end effect that resonates with your clients.

Are you looking for help on a new wayfinding system for your building, campus or building complex?  We specialize in architectural signage and we would love to help!

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