At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we love vehicle wraps!  In particular, we love the combined beauty and functionality of commercial vehicle wraps.  We see so many commercial trucks on the road that are just white- more often, dirty white.  What a waste of advertising space!!!  Study after study has shown that a quality commercial wrap can be one of the most cost effective forms of marketing.

Custom Vehicle Wraps in Walnut Creek CA

We had the pleasure of installing a fleet wrap for Absolute Plumbing on the Ford F-350 you see here.  Absolute Plumbing is a great company and the people there are terrific to work with.  The owner, Rod, called us because he had a few vehicles that he was looking to wrap.  In this case, he already had his logo and much of the design, so it did not take us much time to lay everything out on the truck.  Rod knows his vinyl and knew that he wanted to use premium vinyl for this wrap to maximize the lifetime of the graphics.  Fortunately for Rod, we feel the same way and only use premium vinyls when we are wrapping vehicles.

Fleet Wraps in Walnut Creek CA

For this job, we chose Avery 1105 and it’s companion laminate, 1360z.  These have recently been reformulated by Avery and are a very popular product.  Some of the truck contours are fairly complex.   A good vinyl not only lasts longer, but it makes the install process much better, with fewer chances for error.  In a couple places, like with the phone number, we applied a second layer of the same vinyl.  This helps us keep all the graphics perfectly aligned.

At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we want our clients..AND their wrapped vehicles….to Stand Tall and Get Noticed!  We can help with design as well as the installation. Do you have a vehicle that is in need of a wrap? Give us a call at 925-300-1066.