Fleet graphics can be one of the best advertising tools in your playbook!  While, of course, a strong business will have the full complement of marketing tools, repeated visual reminders are a great way to impress your logo and availability to your service market.  Studies have shown that vehicle graphics can be one of the most cost effect ways to market a business and when you have a fleet- the results are multiplied!

We had the pleasure of working with Smart Air Experts on their fleet of vehicles.  The people there are great and really know there stuff when it comes to heating and air-conditioning.  They approached us with a fleet of eight un-branded vehicles and were looking for a plan to create create custom wraps for all of them with the company logo.

Our design team worked with their logo and consulted with the owners to develop a few ideas.  After working through several revisions, we came up with an eye-catching wrap design that everyone loved. Then came the challenging part….  Smart Air’s fleet was not uniform.  Our team had to re-craft the design to fit trucks, small vans and large vans.  We love a challenge and before long we had all the designs created and ready for implementation.

The next step is to print and apply the graphics.  At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we only use premium wrap quality vinyl- in this case we used Avery 1105 paired with MPI1360 Laminate.  Our design team has to take the wrap design and panel it onto the vinyl so that the seams fall in the best places on the truck.  If you were to step close to the vehicles, of course, you can see the seams, but the important thing is that the casual observer from 10-20 feet just sees the marketing message.  Once the panels are printed, laminated and cut, our design crew hands them to our installers who are experts in wrap vinyl.

Wraps look great once they are on, but most people do not realize the tricks and intricacies of wrapping a vehicle. Our team carefully lines up the panels, then applies them one by one, being careful to sink the vinyl into the grooves and to eliminate any trapped air. Once everything looks great and good to go- they go over the entire vehicle one last time with a steam heater.  By heating the vinyl up to 200 degrees again, they ensure that the edges and grooves stay as they should. Premium wrap vinyl is known as ‘cast’ vinyl and when it is heated above 200 degrees, it essentially forgets its old shape.  When it cools, it no longer wants to pull away from the curves as lessor quality materials might.

Do you have a fleet of vehicles that you want to stand out in the community?  From design to installation we have you covered! Contact us!  We would love to help.

At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we want our clients to “Stand Tall & Get Noticed!”