img_6165Linguine with sweet vinegar peppers
This is a simple pasta recipe I got from my good friend, Kenny Polcari. It is a delicious variation from more traditional pasta dishes.
A box of linguini
A jar of sweet peppers in vinegar
A tube of sweet sausage (or links if you prefer) -I use chicken sausage but your choice
Garlic (you chose how much- I like 4-5 cloves) chopped
Salt & Pepper
Oilive oil


First empty the jar of peppers into a bowl, saving the juice. Slice the peppers and return to the bowl during the process you will be removing most of the seeds as well.
Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil (or at least start the process.)
In a large frying pan heat up the olive oil (medium-med-high). Add the garlic and brown gently. Then add your sausage, breaking it up with a spoon as you brown it all evenly. Add in the peppers and their juices, deglaze the bottom then turn the heat down to simmer and cover.
Now, add the linguini to the water and cook until al dente (better yet- a little shy of al dente because it will cook a little more in the pan with the sauce.)
Back to your sauce- add some of the pasta water to the sauce and taste- if still too bitter, just add some more water until it tastes right. Season with salt and pepper (add hot pepper flakes if you like)
Strain the pasta when done, reserving some of the water.
Add the pasta to your sauce and stir to combine. Depending on how much sauce, you may add a little more here and cook just a bit more on the stove so the sauce cooks into the pasta. Add a handful or two of fresh parmigiana, and last seasoning and stir one last time.
Serves with some broccolini and enjoy!