Custom Monument Signs - Walnut Creek, CAHave you been thinking about commissioning a monument sign for your business? Something classic, substantial, and attractive? Sounds great! Monument signs are a sophisticated and high class choice for countless businesses and offer a huge amount of potential when used correctly. So, consider these reasons why a monument sign may be right for your business and don’t forget to visit our homepage today to request a free, no obligation quote.

 You Have Property, But Not a Lot of Space

When you think of monument signs you may be thinking of a squarish concrete construction standing proudly out in the middle of a huge grassy front lawn. However, monuments can fit in to any number of locations and should still be considered as an advertising option even if you are short on space. Our designers can help you adapt a design to many locations including medians, lawns, or even that overlooked space beside your parking lot.

You’re Ready to Invest In The Future

Monument signs are made from a variety of materials including bricks, foam, concrete, aluminum, and stone and can be easily illuminated. The final result is a solid, permeant fixture that will last for years or even decades to come. This type of signage represents an investment in the future and can help your company proclaim that you are here to stay.

Your Monument Sign Can Help Guide Customers to You

A lack of visible signage makes it very difficult for customers to find your business. Monument signs provide an absolute confirmation, allowing visitors to navigate to your business and enter with confidence. Place your sign in a high-visibility location for maximum impact.

You Have a Large Number of Local Customers

Monument Signs Think about how many drivers a day go past the place where your sign is installed. If you have a large customer base, a large and attractive monument sign can yield a massive, long-term increase in your brand awareness and garner millions of impressions with thousands of local potential customers. No matter their age, profession, or gender monument signs reach anyone and everyone who drives by your business, walks past it, or even takes the bus. This can add up to a major payoff over time.

Your Monument Sign Should Match Your Company Logo and Theme

Your marketing and advertising strategy, in fact the entire establishment of your brand, hinges on a consistent representation of your logo, fonts, colors, and any all other branding specific to your company. Fortunately, the graphics that you use online and in print can absolutely be adapted for use in your monument signage. Everything from colors, fonts, symbols, and more can be built-in, so that the final result is the perfect representation of your business.

Sequoia Signs & Graphics specializes in the design and production of a number of different types of signage, including monument signs in a variety of sizes and materials. We’ll help you build a sign that is attractive, long-lasting, and fits into your budget. So contact our team today at (925) 300-1066 or!