Here’s a recent job we did monument sign for the Heather Hills Home Owners Association in Martinez. They have had a sign at their entrance but felt it was getting a bit dated (in fact, it was also falling down!) They had some good ideas about what they wanted and brought them to Sequoia Signs to see if we could help.

Readers of our blogs know the answer- of course we can! We always love a new job and even if we have never done a particular type of sign in the past…we are always willing to learn! In most cases, we have either made a similar sign or we know the basics. If we don’t know- we are never too old to learn!

In the case of the HHOA, it was not a terribly difficult design. They had a beautiful sign in mind made from 4” x 4” redwood posts tied together with all thread rod. The heights of the posts vary at the top which is a nice touch. Of course, the end posts are longer and sit in concrete which will hold that sign in place for its lifetime.



To that, we added a beautiful redwood face which is attached by lag bolts. When sandblasting redwood, we can either blast out the background, leaving raised letters, or we can sandblast the lettering and leave the face intact. The HHOA chose the latter, in part to avoid vandalism.

The result is a beautiful new monument sign at the entrance to the development. If you are ever driving to Martinez on Alhambra Avenue, keep your eyes out for this beautiful sign on the right.
Are you looking for a redwood sign? Either on its own or attached to a redwood monument, look no further- we would love to help! At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we want all of our customers to STAND TALL and GET NOTICED!

Written by Sequoia Signs & Graphics