We recently had the pleasure of working with the Acalanes High School to install a new monument sign and campus map at their main entrance.  It was a great project and the people at Acalanes were awesome to work with.

The School has a couple of planters in the front and the main office is set back behind a courtyard, so the administration was always getting complaints from new visitors who couldn’t find their way around.

The solution: a nice new monument sign with a campus map in front.

The monument sign is fabricated from aluminum with flat-cut raised acrylic lettering.  In this case, it is non-illuminated, but a similar design could easily be made to light up at night.  Of course, we painted the sign in the school’s custom blue.

The map is a special high-performance product very similar to the signs you see at National Parks or other outdoor informational areas.  It needed to be able to stand up to the sun and other weather elements for years to come, and this product will do the job! We worked with the school to design a simple version of the map that breaks down the main areas but does not contain so much information that the reader gets lost.  It came out terrific.

Both the map and the monument sign were installed in the planter which made it fairly easy.  We had to avoid any irrigation lines, but otherwise the holes were not hard to dig.  One small hurdle was that school started before the map was ready, so we installed the main sign and the pedestal for the map before we had the actual map sign-face.  Needless to say, we were extremely happy to find that our measurements were spot on and the map fit perfectly!