We recently had the pleasure of working with the owners of Just 40 Fitness, a new line of great gyms in the East Bay.  They were opening their new Pleasant Hill location and called us to help with their signage.  We Met them on site and reviewed several aspects of the location where they wanted branding.  The project involved interior wall graphics, window graphics in addition to the wall signs, but this post will focus on the exterior.

Channel letters are a very common form of exterior wall sign and it is a common project for the team at Sequoia Signs & Graphics.  We always start by discussing the project with our customer to find out what they would like to see.  From there, we take a look at the local ordinance and any relevant sign plan to see if the owners goal can be achieved within the guidelines.  Most of the time this is not an issue, but occasionally we need to adjust our sizing or re-design our sign to make sure we have a good chance of approval.  Of course, the property manager is the first one to sign off and from there we go to the city for permits.

As the name suggests, channel letters are mostly letters formed from bent aluminum with acrylic faces, but there are often elements, like logos, that are not exactly letters.

The “channel” is formed by the aluminum and the LED lighting sits at the back.  In the above picture you with note a silver tag on the letters- this is a UL badge which ensures that the letters were made at a facility approved to make safe exterior lighting elements.

For this project, we made two signs.  One sits above the main entrance and faces the parking lot where most of their patrons will park and enter the gym.

The other set is on the back side of the gym, but this is the side that faces Pleasant Hill Road, so you might consider it the front in some ways.


Just 40 Fitness was a great company to work with.  We tried several variations to make sure we had the best design before we went for permitting.  In the end, we had two great signs and Just 40 Pleasant Hill is open and off to a great start.  If you are looking to get into shape or improve your health- you should definitely stop bu Just 40 Fitness.