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When you walk up to your business in the morning, what is it saying? What message does the physical structure convey? With affordable channel letter signs, also known as halo lit, backlit and reverse lit channel letters, from Sequoia Signs & Graphics, you can make sure that your building’s exterior is working for you, bringing in customers and broadcasting your identity and your brand to the world.

Make An Impression

Channel lettering makes a powerful statement. Unlike other forms of advertising, channel letters are always three dimensional, jumping out from the building behind them and demanding a greater level of notice and attention. Lighted channel letters equipped with LEDs add to the effect, increasing the sign’s visibility and contrast in the morning, and evening in particular.

Quality Construction

Sequoia Signs & Graphics prides itself on providing an outstanding and 100% customizable product. No matter the size, color, font, or message that your letters convey we’ll make sure that your signs are designed to our exacting standards for maximum quality and longevity. Tailor-made for each individual client according to their design, the signs’ construction features rust-resistant aluminum and high density plastics—both of which are waterproof and age well. During manufacturing, aluminum sheets are bent into the desired three dimensional shape and finalized with a plastic face. Simply choose the right words and a great color and/or LED combination that matches your brand and complements your property night and day.

Outstanding Service Guaranteed

Whether you’re nearing your grand opening, moving locations, or currently in the middle of renovations, it’s vital that your signage matches your expectations, is delivered on time, and fits into your budget. At Sequoia Signs & Graphics we work every day to keep our clients in the loop with transparent quotes, project updates, and fast delivery.

If you have any other questions about channel letters just call or email us. Using top of the line technology and techniques, we can guarantee a finished product that beats your expectations. Contact us today at (925) 300-1066 or and let us help you plan the perfect sign package for your business!

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