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Product: Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Location: Walnut Creek, CA

Client: Sequoia Signs and Graphics


An integral part of a business’s success is the ability to advertise to a large scope of people. One of the most effective forms of advertisement is use of mobile marketing. Every day there are thousands of impressions to be made just by the regular use of your vehicle. Does your company routinely make service calls? Vehicle wraps promote your company to your client’s neighbors, friends, and family with large scale advertisements featuring your business brand, aesthetic and information. While providing the services you normally would, your vehicle is working on establishing connections with those who may need your services in the future. It is an investment that pays for itself over and over again. Unlike reoccurring payments needed to keep your business advertising with billboards or paper advertisements, vehicle wraps are a one time investment that will continue to product results. Vehicle wraps have the ability to leave a high impact mark on the public that increases your customer base exponentially!

We have an expert design team on hand that will aid you in the development of a vehicle wrap that fits your business’s brand, style, and aesthetic. Choose from a variety of custom color combinations, stylized fonts, and borders. You can incorporate your business’s logo, slogan, and information to help build up the public’s knowledge of your business. We offer high resolution images printed with the latest technology and techniques. The final result will be a vehicle wraps that exceeds expectations!

In the image above you will see an example of a high quality vehicle graphic that draws the eye. It is precise in the delivery of the business’s information, but also offers a pleasing visual aesthetic. Below right is a photo showing the precision of a company vehicle wrap. Notice the legible fonts, and detailed information displayed.

images (5)At Sequoia Signs and Graphics, we specialize in providing our clients with some of the best products and service in the industry. Utilizing only the highest quality of materials, cutting edge technology and techniques, and an expert sign staff, we will construct a sign package that will provide effective marketing for years to come! We will guarantee the highest quality of design, fabrication, and installation on vehicle wraps that will reward you with a high impact, durable marketing tool. Allow us the opportunity to share all the ways your business can benefit from a vehicle wrap, call us today!

Do you have any questions about vehicle wraps? Would you like to hear more about our other products and services? Contact us today at, and we will start planning the perfect sign package for your company!