This is such a simple dish but oh so good.  There used to be an upper East side restaurant called Elaine’s that served this to perfection.  I was recently in Brooklyn at a great restaurant but they served me this dish with a slice of tomato and undressed arugula leaves.  Just missed out so much that I had to make this when I got home.  Enjoy!

Chicken breasts- sliced to half thickness then pounded to 1/4″
Old Bay Seasoning (optional but a nice twist)
Bread crumbs (with our without some parmigiana)
Baby arugula
Cherry tomatoes (halved)
Red onion, sliced
Balsamic vinegarette

Take your chicken and first slice it to half thickness then pound it a little more to 1/4″ roughly.

Next your going to set out three plates or bowls.  In the first you’ll have your flour with some salt and pepper- and if you like add in a healthy dose of Old Bay.  in my book- you can’t go wrong.  Next to that you’ll have your eggs (beaten) and lastly a plate of bread crumbs.  As mentioned above- feel free to mix some parm into the bread crumbs if you like.

Turn your skillet on and slowly bring it up to a nice med-high heat.  Add in some olive oil and butter (about 50%-50%).

Dredge your breast in the flour mixture, shake off excess and coat with the eggs and finally the breadcrumbs. You’ve done this before.  Working in batches, cook the breast in your oil/butter mixture til nicely browned on both sides.

At some point your going to want to wash your vegetables and combine the arugula, cherry tomatoes and red onion in a bowl.  When the chicken is all done, lightly dress the salad with te balsamic dressing.  LIGHT is key here, you don’t need a lot.  In fact, in the pictured example I messed up and over dressed it a touch (was still yummy)

Plated the chicken breast and heap the salad on top.  serve and enjoy!