This is a simple recipe given to me by my friend, Norma, after I ate almost every chip that she brought to a party.  I understand these are not uncommon, but I have never had them before and I loved them. ***warning– you need to make a pledge to yourself NOT to sample until you deliver them to your guests.  If you try one, you’ll keep eating and that does not end well.

Won ton skins – cut in half to form triangles
Shredded Parmigiana Cheese
Seat Salt
Course ground pepper
Olive oil spray
Any herbs and spices you like

Preheat oven to 350

Place parchment paper on cookie sheets and spray with olive oil. Lay triangles on cookie sheet so that they do not touch (I did this randomly at first then realized reforming squares is the most efficient.)  Now spray the tops with olive oil and sprinkle with the cheese, salt and pepper.  (that is traditional, but you can do anything you want at this stage.  I tried a holiday blend of spices as well as garlic salt, with and without the cheese.  They all came out great!)

Bake until golden brown (6-8 minutes)









Remove to a rack to cool while you put another batch in the oven!   Enjoy.

Can be saved, but best the day of.