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Ok, so you’ve just gone out and wrapped your work vehicle.  Maybe it was a truck, a van, box truck- and you love it!  I am sure you do- that’s because you took the time to work with a designer on an eye-catching design.  You also talked with your local sign maker about the different vinyl that are available and selected the best option for you.  Great.  Life is good.

…until your 10 yr old daughter comes to work and says “Daddy [Mommy]! What did you do to our truck?”

Huh?  I guess she doesn’t understand how many compliments you have already received from your clients.  She hasn’t calculated the (very low) cost per eyeball over the lifetime of the wrap- has she?  She doesn’t understand that you are establishing a brand in the area.

OK- so here are the top 5 ways you can explain your wrap to your daughter:

  • Honey, that white truck used to be a blank canvas driving all around town. It never helped me and it certainly did not impress my customers.  Now, it is working 24/7 for our company and is seen all over town!
  • Sweetheart, I took some of your college savings and invested in that wrap. Here’s the cool thing, unlike a stock which can go up or down, I know I’m going to get my money’s worth.  Our truck is seen all over town, creating impressions on potential new customers and reminding old clients that we are always there when needed!
  • Everyone knows our storefront, right? Well, the problem is, they don’t always drive by our door.  This way, it is like our store keeps driving around town so that everyone can see us.  And it is helping to build our brand.
  • See how you reacted? It made you think “wow, what happened?”  Well that is how everyone reacts when a well-designed wrap rolls into view.  This is one of the most powerful advertising statements a small business can make.  Beyond that, people know that we are invested in the business.  We care enough to brand our vehicles.  How cool is that?
  • Honestly, it was white when I gave it to Mom last night. Go ask her.

Sequoia TailgateHopefully you won’t need to explain, but not everyone understands the power of a vehicle wrap.

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