Channel letter signs for your San Ramon business

What are Channel Letters?

Channel letters are three dimensional, jump off your building, and demand attention signs. They are custom made, matching your brand and giving you the ability to compliment your property at the same time with coloring and size. In a prosperous and thriving community like San Ramon, companies need to take advantage of every opportunity to market their products and services to clients and customers. What better way than a sign made to grab the attention of those passing by?

Environmentally Conscious

Channel Letters are available with LED lights that will make your sign more noticeable during the early morning and twilight hours of the evening. Using LED lights will cut your energy usage by significant rates. For businesses ranging from restaurants to mechanics, the clientele is increasingly interested in the impact of the business on the environment. This is especially true in a city like San Ramon, whose residents actively advocate for the city’s environmental health, wellness, and sustainability. LEDs not only save on energy but are made with non-toxic elements. Other lights, such as fluorescent lights, contain noxious chemicals that can end up in landfills.  Your sign will add to the beauty of your community, but also keep your business environmentally responsible.

Our Process

At Sequoia Signs, we are committed to making the highest quality channel letters for businesses in San Ramon. We make channel lettering using rust-resistant aluminum, bent to your exact specifications for your brand and building. We then cover the aluminum with a high-density plastic, safeguarding your sign from the elements. LEDs light up the wall behind the letters taking up the negative space. The addition of lighting to your sign gives your letters even more dimension, and LEDs do not need to be replaced nearly as often as other types of lights do.

Is Channel Lettering Right for Your Business?

The sign on your building is essential to your customer’s impressions of your business. If it is falling apart, too generic, or unmemorable, you are not using your building to its maximum marketing potential. Channel lettering is not only big enough to be seen from the street but will draw the eye of all passersby more naturally thanks to its three-dimensional shape. With the long-lasting nature and durability of channel lettering, you will have the critical components of advertising working for you all day, every day. According to many studies, proper signage on your building can add up to 75% to your customer base.

Over 76,000 people live in the city of San Ramon, with at least 21,000 people commuting into the city to work every day in areas like the Bishop Ranch Office Park. Take advantage of the Channel Lettering to grab the attention of these prospective clients and customers by calling Sequoia Signs today. Our expert customer service team will set up an appointment for you to discuss how we can bring your outdoor signage in San Ramon to life!